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Paint damage from front tires??

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I noticed the other day when i was washing and waxing my blazer that i have a lot of dimples on the front edge of both back doors and both rear fender lips.

the passenger side is bad enough that the paint is gone. it really shows up since im a summit white premier and everything is painted.

I dont know if its the 21" wheels and wider tires or if its a design flaw as the body gets narrow at the B pillar.

Im trying to get it repaired under warranty as i type this post and have splash guard/ mud flaps already to put on once paint is fixed.

all information is greatly appreciated.
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imo that tire size is too wide for hte Blazer body style...i will be going 255 when the time comes and have already installed the splash guards...as far as the damage to your paint...when fixed apply the XPEL paint protection film in that area....i currently have it on my hood....18' back from the front edge...works great and has a 10year warranty
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