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How many stars would you give the new Blazer?

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IMO as a owner of the new Blazer, I would have never looked at a Chevy if I didn't see the Blazer. The design gives a double look appeal. I really like the design with an aggressive look. The Blazer also rides smooth, it's quiet inside, solid when going over bumps. I do not ear any rattling. The steering is very good for normal and sport. The engine shifts smoothly for a V6. The Blazer is rich in features which are new for me and probably old for others. I came from a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Hemi V8 0-60mph between 5-7 sec. And the Blazer is right in bunch with 6.32 sec. In addition, I can say that shifting to Sport Mode does make a difference and is noticeably faster while driving, but not a huge difference. It isn't meant to mashing the gas all the time from start, but it will pass others and move when called upon no matter what mode you are in. The take off from the traffic light isn't as fast as my old Jeep, but adequate enough to definitely go. I give Chevy credit for making this nice vehicle packed with features and the ability for over-the-air software updates. The price can be high like all other vehicles due to the latest technology added to them. My question was....are Chevy vehicles reliable?
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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