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Our 2019 Blazer RS has the "Posted Speed Limit" menu on the main dashboard. We use this a lot and have recently come to find that they don't match the Michigan posted speed limits. In fact, we were pulled over in northern Michigan because we were doing 69 in a 55. Our dash stated it was 65MPH. We were blessed that the officer saw this in person and he let us go without a ticket, but I want to get this fixed.

I recently received an opportunity to update my GPS system and order a new SD card for the new maps, but that doesn't synch with the onboard navigation/posted speed limit portion of the vehicle. So my question is does anyone know how the vehicle updates what is in the "Posted Speed Limit" files?

I called the service department locally and they (while polite) were clueless that this could even happen and said it isn't something they update??

Thanks in advance!

Ty Wiseman, Holland MI
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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