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I went to the oil change place. While my car was on the lift releasing oil, I walked across the street to the car dealership, saw a used 2020 Blazer RS with 263 miles on. It was actually titled then sold by a private owner. I bought it. Has the Bose system, all wheel drive, safety packages and just a lot good stuff I'm told make the truck fully loaded. I'm John, I'm new, I'm in Maryland; hello All. I'm mostly happy (that's why they call them she (I give, she takes)) with the new truck. I paid a lot less than a new car price because it was used. The dealership bought my trade in and the financing I was paying to the bank; meaning I had no negative equity. Forgive me, I'm gushing. So far, it appears that I made out good. So far... time will tell. I did post a complaint on the complaint section concerning vibrations, rattles and shakes on 4-22-20. I wish all safe and smooth and blazin' travels.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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