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I'm sorry that happened. Are you sure you put that much gas in a 2019 or above Blazer? 🤔

Not to be the harbinger of death, but you may have damaged the fuel pump, fuel filter, and possibly the injectors. Running it down to empty can cause the pump to suck up debris at the bottom of the tank and run it through the fuel filter and injectors. Also, running it down to nothing can cause the fuel pump to overheat, considering it is the gasoline that cools the fuel pump. Not to say this is your problem, but these are the possibilities of what could be. I hope you got it to a shop and can have the least of these problems facing you.

Please let us know what you find out.
I think he meant 4.....one gallon cans (4 gallons). I've never run out of gas before, but I'll definitely make sure I dont!
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