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I purchased a cherry red Blazer RS last week. The auto start/stop is not a big deal. I feel the same way as you--didn't want it and won't use it. It is SO easy to disengage, and the button is located right below the engine button, so it is just a two-step push instead of one. Very quickly, you will find it becoming second nature to push both buttons For me, the must-have package is the Enhanced Driver's Convenience package. My car also has the Driver's Confidence Package II, which wasn't a must-have for me, but I am learning to enjoy some of its features. Thank goodness most of the safety features that come with this package can be modified or even turned off. I have the sun roof, but it wasn't a requirement for me. I also have the glowtie, which was also fluff. With the chip shortage, it can be a unicorn finding the right color of car with only the packages you want. I ended up buying more car than I wanted, because if I was going to get one in the color I wanted, this is the one I had to buy as soon as it became available. One of my local dealerships actually had the red hot and cherry red coming in on the same transport--those colors are impossible to find around here. The red hot sold in transport, and I bought the cherry red (ended up liking it better after seeing both together) the day it came in.

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