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I don’t know how much, fiddling, anyone else has done on here on such a new car. But I’ve gotta say, GM could’ve made some of their retainer clip designs just a bit more friendly.

Wife is a new owner of a black 2020 Premier, and she hates the silver and chrome plaguing the Devine sleekness of the exterior. So naturally, I swing into action and start popping stuff off. First was a full debadge, followed by the obligatory black bow ties. Now I’ve come across some black roof rails.
After a solid morning poppin panels and moving my way throughout the cabin, I was finally able to access the 4 bolts that held in the current silver rails, got it swapped and man what a difference. (Side note: if anyone wants to buy the silver ones $270 shipped)

now popping it all back together and can’t get the sunroof perimeter to seat as it did before. Has anyone else attempted this or know the secret to these dang clips. Thanks for any input.

Edit: after taking that picture I figured it out. The clips need to be popped out of the rail and slid back into the headliner... not thinking straight over here I guess lol


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