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New midsize crossover may not wear the Blazer name

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It looks like a recent meeting of Chevrolet dealers has resulted in some skepticism about whether or not their upcoming crossover, will in fact be a new Blazer. It looks like we may be waiting until 2020 before we see a production model, of whatever their upcoming crossover is. We know that this new model will share plenty with the GMC Acadia and it will ride on a shortened version of General Motors’ C1 platform. I really hope that they decide against a FWD, 4 cylinder, 9 speed transmission thats been implemented in several other models, as that couldn't be more removed from the Blazer name.
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IMO one the Blazer is configured to compete in the same space as the 4Runner then it will really mean a lot to all sides of the equation. It would be downright disappointing if they don't for their own sake, sitting out of a lucrative segment is leaving a lot of money on the table. Base 4Runner offers Part Time 4WD.
I thought this was just a speculation because the dealer source that leaked the C8 Corvette didn't mention any crossover or SUV news. Maybe GM is just keeping it tightly under wraps because there's definitely a new SUV on the way, we saw the spied photos.
I really hope they don't plan on bringing back the Blazer as just another crossover in the space. They better keep to the nameplate if they hope to find buyers in previous Blazer owners such as myself. Looks like they may be taking a page from Mitsubishi and reusing old trademarked names on completely unrelated models.
I hope that's not the case or the Blazer will just be another sad addition to an overcrowded segment with a lot of competition. If the Blazer is similar to its predecessor then it may have a chance at convincing people to buy one over the average rival.
Well I don't think its going to sell very well, if Chevy just takes a cookie cutter design approach with it. Not quite sure what it is lately with manufacturers ignoring the heritage of these platforms.
Chevy obviously believes that there is little interest in a compact crossover/SUV, which I think its going to quickly change as things become largely electrified. And I thought the same thing when I heard about the Eclipse Cross and now rumour has it that Mitsubishi is bringing back the Lancer as a crossover as well.
I think the launch of the new Blazer will go over well enough that it creates the sort of environment for a Trax segment Blazer-like product. Chevy better get on it because Jeep, Toyota, Mazda, and even Honda has stand out product in their own respect, all that compete in the same segment.
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