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My Wife's New 2021 Cherry Red Tintcoat Blazer RS

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Hey Everyone! I just purchased a 2021 Cherry Red Tintcoat Blazer RS for my wife this week. I was able to pick it up and surprise her at her job with it. All ready swapped out the amber corner lights with smoked LED ones and it will get the front windows tinted next week. It joins my 2020 Pacific Blue Metallic GMC Sierra 1500 SLT.

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congrats...these Blazer's definately look good...:)
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Looks great, welcome lots of good info here
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Congrats. We have the exact same car. Have had it about 3 weeks now. We love it.
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I leased a 2021 Blazer 2 LT in February and starting at 700 miles have had transmission problem. Speed sensor was replaced and it continued to jerk with acceleration. I’ve had it in 4 times to be repaired. On July 17th it would not shift , engine light came on, alert sent to my Chevrolet app and they still can’t find anything wrong with it. My was the exact color,trim and tires, I loved the way it looked and drove when it ran right.
Really nice! I was so torn between the cherry red and the pearl white. The cherry red looks so good with the black rims
Congrats. We have the exact same car. Have had it about 3 weeks now. We love it. View attachment 1348
Be careful the shift gear a major Problem. It says that you're not in park Gear so you can't turn off your car but it looks like your car's in park.
I have a 2019 Blazer shift Gear problem 🙃.


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i have no problems with my 2020...congrats on yours....it looks great
She's a beaut Clark. I have a 2021 RS in Red Hot
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