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I bought my new Blazer 2 weeks ago and broke it in a vacation to Colorado. It started making a brake dragging noise and sounded like the brakes would fall off. I took it to Colorado Springs Chevy dealer and he said there was a known problem as I stated in my title. A fix should be available at the end of this month or early next month.
I really like this car and it is as much fun to drive as the truck I traded in on it. I got great mileage on it and the only thing I wish I had got was the cooled seat.
I'm wondering if the people having this issue is minor because I have not seen it talked about here at all.
I'm in Thailand and the cooled seats not available, found on the local version of Amazon called Lazada a seat cushion that has small fans under the bottom of seat, was about $30.00 so bought it. This thing is great, the cooling is 3 stage, I set AC to do feet as well as vents. This cools my butt as well as up my back. Been in about 18 months now, power from lighter socket for back seat. Can't believe I found this and that it works so good, when it dies I will get another one. My last USA vehicle was a Tundra fully loaded and it had cooled seats but they didn't work near as well as the 30 buck cushion...
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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