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Rat55 is correct. The current free plan is a joke. This is what it includes:

Vehicle Diagnostics*
Monitors your vehicle’s key operating systems and provides you with regular updates about your vehicle’s health.

Dealer Maintenance Notification*
Your vehicle can notify your preferred Dealer when routine service is due.

Smart Driver*
Get information and tips to help you improve your driving, and check eligibility for auto insurance discounts based on your good driving.

Discover rewarding experiences from brands you love — food, gas, hotels and more — and do it all from your in-vehicle app or your vehicle’s mobile app.

In-Vehicle App Access (requires data).*
Browse from a list of streaming apps to make the most of your drive time. Listen to your favorite music, sports and entertainment, such as Pandora, The Wall Street Journal and Fox Sports

Key by Amazon*
Prime members can have packages securely delivered to their vehicle at no extra charge. (Must have a connected eligible vehicle to receive deliveries.)

The cheapest plan is called REMOTE ACCESS and costs $14.99/mo. This adds the following:

Voice Assistant*
Connect to your vehicle through your home's Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant devices. Lock and unlock your doors or start and stop your vehicle simply by asking Alexa or Google.

Remote Key Fob*
Remotely lock and unlock your doors, flash the lights and honk the horn, or start and stop (if equipped) your car using your vehicle’s mobile app.

On-Demand Diagnostics*
When a warning light comes on your dashboard, push your blue OnStar button to have an Advisor run a report and pinpoint the issue.

Vehicle Locate*
Set boundary notifications, request your vehicle’s location and see it on a map, and set and share custom notifications for arrivals and departures.

Remote Personalization*
Personalize your infotainment system with your favorite In-Vehicle Apps conveniently through your mobile app.

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