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Multiple Issues - Would appreciate feedback if you've experienced similar situation.

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First off let me start by saying this is a bittersweet review....
I've been the owner of a Blazer RS black on black for a little over 7 months now. Love the look of the car and the handling but I have had a lot of problems with it.

1- Intermittent power failure - Usb will stop charging and will get messages that my GPS is missing an SD card when its never been removed...
2- Doors will not lock 50% of the time, cant put my finger on it nor can the dealer....(Wife literally had to climb in the car from the trunk - She was happy :unsure:....)
3- Rattle in the central console - Dealer cant locate the source but the advisors did acknowledge the noise....
4- New from this week end : Major water leak from the roof... ended up with a few inches of water in my cup holders and on the seats....

Took it to the dealer a half dozen time.... they can never seem to find anything wrong with it... good thing I have been documenting everything that is happening with pictures and video's.

Heading back tomorrow morning for them to look at again... I am starting to be very irritated with the whole thing...the advisors constantly telling me that since its a new car/models they have minimal info from GM...

I would appreciate anyone who has experienced similar issues to share in this thread please.

Thank you,

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2019 Premier with 2500 miles. I provided a laundry list of issues to the service tech, yesterday. 25 items, only a few serious ones. Most items on the list are "snowball" items. Easy to do with this vehicle. There are so many things I dislike about it. I could easily list another 25 items that are design dislikes but the dealer wont do anything about those. Buyers remorse BIG TIME on this one. Very expensive rattle trap, IMO. Stuck with for 36 more months..............sweet!
quality issues arent excusable, but design issues are present at the time of the test drive. I don't think they can be equated. I don't have many PRACTICAL complaints about the blazer at all. In terms of ride, handling, visibility, quietness, etc. I think it's just fine. Fortunately for me it appears all but one of my complaints was properly addressed by the dealer.
But nobody picks up on all of the subtleties during a test drive. You have to live with a vehicle for a few weeks to start noticing some things. As I said, it becomes tough not to "snow ball" after finding so many things wrong.
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Left mine at the dealer, on Wednesday. 27 issues on the list. Was provided a loaner. 2020 Blazer Premier. Having driven the loaner for three days, I'm convinced mine is a lemon. Only issue with loaner is wind noise on drivers door. Mine has this issue too and leaks water during hard rains. Anyone else with wind noise around drivers door?
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