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Most Remarkable Moment of My Life

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The First Look for Charity 2019 at the Chicago Autoshow was the most blessed/exciting/astonishing (and almost embarassing) moment of my life! Growing up in Chicago my family and I (who grew up in the suburbs) have traditionally and regularly attended the CIAS. This year was different, my younger brother came up with the idea that my girlfriend, himself and I attend the First Look for Charity. We dressed up and headed for what was later to be an extraordinary Friday night.

I grew up around cars as a kid but my first motorsports event at Road America in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin for International Motor Sports Association where my fuel for obsession really began for the auto-racing institutions and an automotive enthusiast. I love Porsches and BMWs since I collected them the most as hot wheels but remembered I saw Corvettes and Mustangs in my suburban neighborhood. In fact, I had acquired a taste for many cars with subtle modifications. The Fast and the Furious franchise was a sequel to this growing obsession.

The guys I grew up with have CTS-Vs, GTOs, Mustangs. While I had not a V8, but a V6 with bolt-ons on a 2004 Nissan 350z. Years of hardwork, saving, balancing work-school and having no girlfriend I had a quater-life crisis and traded in my Z for a 2012 BMW 335is. Something about BMW's twin turbo power sparked my excitement of performance/luxury. During the summer, I enjoy attending Chicago's notorious Supercar Saturdays which was hosted last year in South Barrington at the Arboretum. Those cars on an early Saturday during roll-in on a sunny morning after a few sips of coffee are music to my ears let me tell ya! Although recently, I had to contain my excitement for cars and concentrate on my last semester of studies here at Loyola University Chicago. The night ahead was to enjoy the moment with dearest people to my side and to enjoy it with a good cause!

Friday February 8th 2019 was a remarkable night. I can definitely say that night was one I will never forget. I am infinitely blessed and thank you to my brother, CIAS, ABC 7, WGN 9 and Ray Chevrolet! Here is my 2019 Blazer RS AWD:

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Welcome to the forum sir, glad to have another auto enthusiast on board. Congratulations on your new Blazer RS and we look forward to hearing your initial impressions of it. Bit of a transition from your previous BMW, but hopefully you will find it as engaging to drive. I don't know if the picture would make things more clear (didn't upload), but did you win this car or something?
Thank you! Yes, this was definitely a transition. I love the Blazer RS, it a solid platform. Its cunning edge aggressive styling, endless technology features, smooth power delivery and quick shifts I'm honestly impressed. Not to mention the comfort and sport mode settings are unique too! My mother has a '16 X5 and it feels just as much if not more luxurious and ride quality is similar to be honest. Yes, I had the opportunity through a raffle.

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Wow! You won it through a raffle? Oh man, that is truly a blessing. Congratulations!
This is awesome to hear, congratulations on your new Blazer. With your history in cars, I don't think you could've chosen a better crossover that embraces sports car styling and performance. Sounds like you picked the right autoshow to attend.
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