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Had my 2019 Blazer RS since August 2019 and it now has 6404 miles on it. It was just in on 1/18/21 and had left valve cover gasket replaced as well as bulletins in both rear shocks and the rear suspension bumper. Drove it home and it sat till yesterday. It then let me sit and wouldn’t restart. Was towed back to dealer where they discovered a “cold temperature misfire code on the computer.” They cleared the code and reset the computer. Today I went to pick it up and barely made it back to them after getting only 4 miles away. All kinds of lights popped up on the dash this time and it still won’t run. It has lost power, sounds horrible, spits and sputters as though it has water in the gas or a bad crank shaft sensor. This vehicle was fine all last winter and ran great till it was taken apart to replace the left valve cover gasket. Anyone else with similar issues? All has been covered under warranty so far. The dealer says this is all very random and has never happened before. I also received an email from On Star diagnostics claiming an emissions issue now after the ordeal today.
Please see attached.
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