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For those who have not had the issue before, it seems if you drive with your climate control set to AUTO or on LOW all or most of the time and you park in a garage or other shaded flat surface area the A/C condenser will start to smell.

Apparently it does not have a fan drying the moisture on it after you park so it allows moisture/bacteria to build up and grow causing a horrible mildew smell when your heater or A/C blower is turned on. I've heard if you park at an extreme angle or in the direct sun it helps prevent this by allowing the moisture to drip or run off? Or it dries faster due to the heat? Another thing I heard was if you turn off the A/C button and run ONLY your fan/blower on high for a few minutes just before you park each time you drive it prevents this from happening. Which is NOT something anyone wants to or will remember to do each time in my opinion.

I know this is not unique to the Blazer but I'm curious if anyone has a remedy for it?

I watched a video on YouTube where you turn on the fan/blower on high (with and without the A/C button turned on) and spray Lysol or similar bacteria killing spray into the vents under the hood near the wipers where the fan intake is it will cycle the Lysol through the condenser killing the bacteria. While doing this you leave your windows down to ventilate. If you spray the correct intake area you can immediatley smell the Lysol inside the vehicle.

I have done this several times and it does seem to help for a short time but then the smell seems to be back just as bad or even worse. That being said it such to have a brand new vehicle stink so bad you do not want to drive it.

Any ideas would be appreciated!
I have same problem with my 2019 Blazer. Only have 13,00 miles so cabin filter is NOT the issue. Dealer has no idea. Help please with thought/comments
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