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Wow. This looks great. I love the new lowered stance. I can't wait to get mine installed next week on my 2019 RS. I see the Springs come with new bump stops to accommodate the lowered ride. Can you advise how the car rides with the new Springs? Thanks
Tomorrow will be a full week of driving with the kit installed. I personally think that the Blazer stock, rides a little stiff due to the design of the vehicle and the suspension. With that said, I can tell the ride is a little stiffer, but this is only a negative thing when hitting pot holes or bumps in the road, which will be inherent due to stiffer springs. Other than that this kit makes the vehicle a lot more enjoyable to drive, especially when cornering/maneuvering.

All in all, I'm very happy with the purchase and thankful I haven't had to wait as long as some of you guys/gals have. I lucked out by being new to the Blazer fam, and by being the first one to officially order this kit. And I have this group to thank honestly. I've been following the progress of the H&R kit and the Eibach kit for a couple months now, and like a lot of others here I've been in contact with both Tire Rack and Eibach for a couple months.
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