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Lots to love, little to hate, some to meh

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This 2021 Blazer is the first car purchase we have made in my family in almost 20 years. So some of the features I like may be old hat to some, but they are really cool to me. I've only had it about a month, so this is my love/hate/meh list so far.

  • Ride quality: The truck feels like I'm riding on a cloud. Running over a local rail road crossing at speed would rattle your teeth in my wife's '98 Ford Mustang or my '03 Dodge Durango. The Blazer takes it like it wasn't even there.
  • Power: I've got the 3.6L and its got pretty good off the line power. I've squeezed the tires a couple times not on purpose. Haven't been on the highway much with it yet (just got it a month ago) but the times that I have I was not disappointed. It also gets pretty good gas milage & range compared to the V8 in my Durango.
  • Appearance: To me this truck is one of the most aggressive looking SUV's on the market today. Especially from the front. Mine is white on black with no chrome. Looks like a rolling Storm Trooper, IMO.
  • Apple Car Play: this is awesome IMO. Having the map in the display will come in handy during road trips for sure. Being able to make hands free phone calls and listen to & audibly reply to txt messages is super handy. The audio quality of those phone calls is pretty good too.
  • The little button in the door handles to unlock the door when the key is near by: I've got a 2yr old who does not like to walk in parking lots (I don't blame her) so being able to unlock the door to get her in without having to dig around in my pocket for the key is great!
  • Backup camera: while I don't use it while backing up I do use it to make sure there aren't any children/pets/toys behind me before I start rolling backwards out of the driveway.
  • Engine Bay Space: I like working on my own vehicles. I'm the type that only brings a vehicle into a shop (dealer or otherwise) if I don't have the tools to do the job myself. And if I don't have the tool I often go out and buy it. My wife's Mustang and my Durango have tons of space in the engine bay to get to everything. While the Blazer is a little more cramped then my other vehicles, it is way better than some of my friends cars that I've worked on.

  • Service Manuals, or lack there of: I've been looking high and low for a Factory Service Manual for this truck and can't find one anywhere. The local dealer had no clue where to get one. Haynes & Chiltons are Cliffs Notes, IMO, compared to a good Factory Service Manual. If anyone has a line on where to buy one let me know. I plan on keeping this truck long after its warranty runs out, so a service manual is a necessity IMO.
  • Blind Spots: The blind spots on this truck are HUGE!!! No wonder they added that little light in the side mirrors to tell you if someone is in your blind spot.
  • Lane Assist Thing: while I understand its purpose it seems too sensitive. It annoys me to no end when it fights me sometimes. There is a huge, wheel smashing, pot hole in my neighborhood that you have to cross over the white line on the right side slightly to get around. The lane assist has almost made me hit that pot hole a couple times already. I've started to turn on my blinker to disable lane assist when turning around that pot hole. My wife likes it on though, so I can't fully disable it.
  • Wind Buffeting when the passenger windows are open: If both passenger side windows are open and you go over 30mph, there is a buffeting sensation in the cab of the truck that is pretty annoying. Its like I'm sitting in a sub-woofer at a Drum and Bass event. I have to crack the drivers side window slightly to prevent it.
  • The width of the drivers door window ledge: I like to drive with my left arm resting on the window ledge while holding the steering wheel. The ledge is so narrow I can't get my arm comfortable. If it was the same thickness at the back of the window as it is at the front it would be perfect, IMO.

  • On Star: I don't see the benefit in it if it works off of cell towers. My phone can do the same job it does and will have the same service issues if I'm out of cell tower range. I have AAA for the rest.
  • In car 4G LTE & WIFI Hotspot: again, my cell can provide the same service and I can easily upgrade my phone if I choose to go with 5G, 6G or whatever else comes along in the future. Upgrading the tech in the Blazer will likely be much more difficult, if not impossible or cost prohibitive.
  • Sirius XM: I don't travel outside of FM radio station range on a regular basis. So I'm content with the FM stations in my area. For road trips I will likely be listening to music/podcasts via Apple Car Play.
  • Electric Parking Brake: I need to use the parking brake in my area a lot. The electric parking brake takes too long to activate & deactivate compared to a mechanical parking brake. I'm also not sure, due to a lack of a service manual (see above), what happens if/when the battery dies while it is engaged. Anyone know?

Ride quality, Power, Appearance, Apple Car Play, The little button in the door handles to unlock the door when the key is near by, Backup Camera & Engine Bay Space

Hate: Lack of Factory Service Manuals, HUGE Blind Spots, Lane Assist Thing, Wind Buffeting when the passenger windows are open & The width of the drivers door window ledge

Meh: On Star, In car 4G LTR & WiFi Hotspot, Sirius XM, Electric Parking Brake
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