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Just purchased a 2020 3LT AWD midnight blue

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Just purchased a 2020 3LT AWD midnight blue. Found one i wanted with options had to drive to Arlington Virginia from NY to get it.
I like the car so far but have few things i want to address.

1 want to upgrade the wheels from 18-20 looking at all black ones.
2 Headlights are hid but the color is yellow so would like to go with 6000K
anyone knows ho to get to the light bulb ?
3 Would def like to upgrade to RS cluster.
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Sounds like a great spec overall. I have 20” black wheels. Gotta be super careful around all curbs, drive-thrus, etc. not to scratch ‘em. They look great, but worrying about them takes away from the ruggedness of the Blazer.
that's my main concern about curbs
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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