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Is the new Blazer overpriced?

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There's plenty of carping from journos about the Blazer's price - Dan Neil is the latest to pile on.


But he's hardly the only one: Ford Edge ST Makes 2019 Blazer RS Seem Overpriced | GM Authority

I mean, they do start at $36k but it's not hard to spec one over $50k. Do you think Chevy priced it too high?
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Performance is one of the Blazer's few strong points and its not enough. My guess is it just has to be good enough for overseas success. We might be out of luck.
Yes, absolutely. The Blazer is overpriced. I don't think it's worth $50k. The highest Premier with all the features should be in the $40k range with all taxes included.
late notice but memorial day is today and GM has doubled their discount

I know its just $500 more but still better than nothing. It can buy you some essential accessories, money you would have to spend out of pocket for...

This weekend in the United States, we observe Memorial Day to honor those who’ve died while serving the country. While we don’t forget the real reason for the three-day weekend, it’s also often a good time to score deals on numerous items. That includes shiny-new cars.

Numerous automakers have deals running this weekend and General Motors is one of them. For U.S. Military veterans and active-duty military personnel, GM always hands out a $500 discount. For Memorial Day, GM has doubled the incentive.

Current and former military members can now take $1,000 off a new GM vehicle from any brand: Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac. The deal even applies to new models like the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra. Both new full-size pickups don’t carry many incentives right now.

The automaker won’t cut the deal come this Tuesday, though. Those who’ve served and serve presently have until the end of May to take advantage of the $1,000 off.

GM’s rivals are running similar promotions. Specifically, Ford will take up to $1,500 off certain models like the Expedition. Hyundai will also up its discount to $1,000 through June 3.

From everyone at GM Authority, enjoy a safe holiday this Memorial Day and we thank current and former military members for their service.

Subscribe to GM Authority for more vehicle incentives news, military news, and around-the-clock GM news coverage.
If the Blazer is too over priced for anyone reading this, would the new 2021 Trailblazer be your next pick?

You'll have to sacrifice on space but I understand not everyone is buying the Blazer for that.
If the Blazer is too over priced for anyone reading this, would the new 2021 Trailblazer be your next pick?

You'll have to sacrifice on space but I understand not everyone is buying the Blazer for that.
Why jump segments so quick?
Chevrolet launched in the mid-size plus segment for a reason, its lucrative and with many examples to prove that. I think we should look at other models competing with the Blazer first and not just new vs. new, buying a CPO rival has its benefits and there are many great examples
Autoblog.com published a review of then Blazer RS and they also chimed in on its pricing/value as well.

We should get that elephant of a price out of the room before we go any farther. The Blazer RS starts at $44,695, which even disregarding the competition, is a significant figure since you can get a Blazer with the same 3.6-liter V6 for as little as $34,495. The extra $10,000 gets you more aggressive body extensions, lots of black trim, 20-inch wheels and a black leather interior with red accents. It also brings a torque-vectoring all-wheel drive system, heated front seats and steering wheel, rear parking sensors, a power liftgate, power-adjustable passenger seat, ambient lighting, auto-dimming mirror, navigation, blind-spot monitoring and remote start. Ah, but it doesn't stop there.

Our tester also came with the $3,575 Enhanced Convenience and Driver Confidence II Package that added adaptive cruise control, heated and cooled front seats, driver memory settings, rearview camera mirror display, heated rear seats, a power-adjustable steering wheel, lane-keeping assist, surround-view camera and a Bose sound system. It also had the $2,495 Sun and Wheels Package that adds a panoramic sunroof and 21-inch wheels. That's a lot of equipment, but its total price of $50,765 is a lot of money that could buy you a well-optioned Mercedes GLC-Class or BMW X3. To put it another way, it's also $6,000 more than the loaded Honda Passport Elite we recently tested.
Then later on in the article:

Overall, the Blazer is a perfectly acceptable crossover, but the RS still doesn't live up to expectations. Its aggressive, Camaro-inspired styling promises an exciting drive, but it just doesn't go far enough beyond the typical family hauler. Meanwhile, its $50,000 price puts it in competition with crossovers from Audi, Mercedes, BMW and even GM's own Cadillac, but we get a Chevy cabin that's no nicer than a Honda or a Mazda — if even a bit worse. Perhaps a less expensive Blazer would make more sense than the sharp-looking RS, but considering that no trim offers compelling value, we suggest you cross-shop the segment before buying one of these pricey showboats.
I'm not someone who needs every single one of the bells and whistles so I'm probably not getting the RS, but the price can definitely skyrocket very quickly.
The Blazer is basically for everyone that already liked Chevrolet but could never buy a sporty SUV from them.
At full sticker yes it is priced relatively high. That said, I negotiated well off the full sticker price. Currently a minimum $2000.00 rebate from Chevy. That does not include a $1000.00 off from my GM card, and finally dealer discounts.
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