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Lately I have noticed my blazer is making some odd noises that seem to come from the engine compartment, sounds most likely from the intake.

After scouring the interwebs and this forum, I decided to create a new thread to try and track this specific issue since anything with noise, knock, shudder return many different things.

Noise is present in when vehicle reaches high gear and 70+kmph (45 mph) and rpm is just under 1500 to about 1550 rpm

Pressing the gas pedal slightly or if the vehicle is on a slight incline will result in a shuddering/hollow knocking/rattle from the engine compartment. you can hear it much more if the climate is on and vents open.

it almost feels like the transmission is holding the higher gear and lugging the motor because the noise disappears after a down shift.

I am taking it in to dealer tomorrow to have them look into it.

2019 Blazer RS
Stock AF :(
37,500 KM

I am leaning towards bad vacuum pump as the intake holds vacuum for the EVAP system combined with AFM is amplifying the noise. tested purge valve and its working
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