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Improvements to the Blazer going forward.

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I happily purchased my Blazer 2LT AWD a few short months ago and have been in love with it since. I ended up factory order specifically the model/color and couldn't be happier with the entire process with my local dealership. I want nothing more to see this model improve and become even better to the buying consumer, but couldn't find a more direct avenue to express my opinions on the vehicle. Please note that I enjoy my purchase greatly and feel compelled to speak on how to make it even better for future generations.

Listed below is a bunch of little feature that would improve the user interface experience:

Have "Sport Mode" to remain in "Sport Mode" when turning the vehicle off and back on.

I would like the Infotainment screen to be able to keep the rear view camera screen up while driving. Remove the disable timer built into the system.

Allow the steering wheel media buttons to scan through local radio stations instead of just the saved favorites tab. Having to fiddle with the infotainment screen to tune to new radio stations is unpleasant on long drives.

Rewinding music/audiobooks/etc. via the steering wheel media buttons is rather slow. I would like the rewinding itself to be faster. As of now, it takes holding the steering wheel media button 5+ seconds to rewind 10 seconds. It does ramp up in speed after holding the buttons down for longer, but the initial speed of the rewind could be faster.

Please allow the option for the Panoramic Sunroof on the all trims.

Please allow emergency braking, lane keep assist and adaptive cruise control to be available on all trims. Such features have become standard among many industry competitors. This was nearly a tipping point on me purchasing another brand.

Implement "lane centering" in addition to lane keep assist.

Please provide an accessory option for quality form-fitting seat covers, as well as covers for the dash.

Change the solid plastic mold along the side window sills. Have soft-touch material available to rest one's arm and for aesthetic appearance.

The center console arm rest could use a little more cushion.

Move the traction control button closer to the driver.

Add a soft tactile "click" when fully turning the drive mode selection wheel.

I would like more interactive features included in the steering wheel media buttons. Examples below:
Pressing both volume buttons at the same time will turn the radio on or off.
Double tapping a volume button will provide larger leaps in volume adjustment.

Implement more customization in settings. Examples below:
-Add a configuration so that pressing both volume buttons will instead mute/unmute speakers.
-Add a timer to the feature that lowers all the windows from the key fob. When remote starting the vehicle, have a setting that drops all windows for 30 seconds to vent the hot stagnant air then automatically close the windows to let the A/C go to work.
-Add an option to provide an audio beep if engaging the turn signal to switch lanes and there is another vehicle in your blind spot.

Braking the vehicle but then accelerating before reaching a full stop causes the vehicle to jerk uncomfortably. It feels like I'm catching the transmission off guard and it snaps to attention in a rough manner.

Auto Start-Stop shakes the vehicle in an unpleasant manner when starting back up at a stop light.

Bigger Coat hanger hooks. The current ones are just silly

Better shielding for review camera, moisture/rain often found screen.

Option to quickly dim/disable infotainment screen for night time driving. Examples below:
Holding down center knob button of radio.
Quick double tap of radio center button.
Add a button in the app selection screen of the infotainment "desktop" to dim the screen until interacted with again.


Please, if anyone else wants to add the list, feel free to do so! A designer can only improve upon what they know of!
Thank you kindly for your time!
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Nice list. As someone else mentioned in another thread, Chevy, throw in a set of black lugs when upgrading to black wheels, instead of charging hundreds of dollars for them.


Besides any Chevy incentives offered at the time, did you receive any sort of discount from your actual dealership? Oh, and about how long did it take to receive yours from order date to delivery?

I would like to order my 2020 early next year for an April delivery. I did this with my 2010 Equinox and was surprised to learn there had been a dealer discount involved, maybe $1,500 below MSRP at the time. I would prefer to custom order, but it's a crap shoot getting incentives. And with the price of this thing, I'm really counting on incentives to make it attainable.

I know what you mean about the black lugs and went for a cheaper, more protective option with vinyl lug caps.
ColorLugs Vinyl LugCap Lug Nut Cover Black

Hmm as for discounts, I was lucky enough to negotiate to invoice pricing but not really a discount per se. Delivery took about 13 weeks. The Blazer was ordered towards end of February when production was still very much ramping up, so I'd imagine delivery times will be shorter going forward.

The incentive game was a major concern. I made it a point to have the vehicle arrive during the 2nd sales quarter figuring Chevy would offer some nice incentives to jump start the vehicles release. If time is on your side, I'd recommend speaking with the dealership about ordering/delivery towards the end of the year. The later in the year the better the incentives as Manufacturers begin pushing stock out to make room for next year. If you can time your vehicles delivery to coincide, you'll most likely reap the benefits.
Hopefully those black lugs don't get scratched easily and have some durable coating/paint.
For discounts, someone I know called around a bunch of dealerships to inquire about price, letting them know he's serious about purchasing and to keep in contact. Eventually came across a good deal, but it takes time. Playing game isn't for anyone in a rush. You do however walk away paying less than the average person who just jumps in.
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