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Chevy works hard at doing things like this. They don't want people modifying their stuff. Same way they gipped us out of LED brake lights & turn indicators on new Blazers since 2019, when tail lights are LED. What's more, they made access to removing rear light housings so difficult, it would ensure people couldn't replace bulbs (with LEDs) if they wanted to & Dealer could charge 2.5 hours labor each side. Wheel choice is more of an opinion. Brake light brightness & quickness is a safety concern, which is why MOST vehicles today have them. The fact that they STILL haven't upgraded to them in 2022 Blazers behooves me, but Chevy feels it's good enough. That's how they roll. Things like this are why my relationship with Chevy will end at the commencement of my Lease.

They still don't get it 👎
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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