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Blazers are cool. I’m selling a 97 Blazer with many good parts. If you are interested could be a parts vehicle, or fixer upper, and this one has fairly new tires, a rebuilt engine lower block, cam, lifters with ~60,000 miles. I replaced the radiator, front axles and front bearings, distributor, windshield, front grill, power break booster, master cylinder, and front calipers. It seems to have a manifold lead and runs rough and loses a small amount of coolant. Can be fixed. The back brake line rusted through, but the other side was replaced. Rear end worn. Good battery, starter, new oil pressure sending unit, new Oxygen sensor, new plugs, wires, cap and rotor. Replaced air conditioner compressor, but the leak needs to be found, will work. The body is in good condition except for rocker panels under doors. Clear coat paint pealing. The vehicle is in Louisville KY. If interested, please call 502-713-9039. $550.00
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