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Wondering if anyone else thinks the high beams don't really add any extra "brightness"? Not sure if it's cause of the actual head lights being lower than usual, but they don't really seem to do anything when the high beams are on and I have yet to have someone flash their brights at me when I forget they're on. At best they might make the speed limit and similar signs light up more, but that's it.
The reason you don't see any additional brightness from your high beams is because they don't really brighten (like the old dual element headlights). The high beam is actually a shutter opening the entire reflector vs the shutter directing the light to the top of the reflector which in turn cuts the light off at the top thus supposedly not blinding oncoming traffic. I'm surprised no one flashes their brights when you leave yours on. I installed an adapter to keep my DRLs bright to help those piss poor headlights Chevy put on the Blazer. Now folks flash their brights at me even when my low beams are on.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts