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Has anyone changed the HID headlight bulbs on their Blazer?
Wanting to go to 6000K to look like LED's.
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If you are looking for brighter solutions for your bulbs, you should visit Xenons4u because they have a massive stock of Genuine Philips bulbs. Philips D3S are, in my opinion, the brightest bulbs in the entire inventory. Not only are they brighter, but they also have a longer lifespan; it's been almost five years since I replaced my bulbs, and they still function as if they were brand new.
When you replace your old bulbs with these D3S bulbs, you will also notice that these bulbs provide a uniform light discharge for a more visible road. On their website Philips D3S 35W Xenon HID Bulb, you will find further enticing features of these bulbs. Moreover, what impressed me the most about these replacement bulbs was that they are rated at 4300k, which is nearly identical to natural daylight, and can operate flawlessly for 2,500 hours.
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Had those in our Caddy….not much better, but better.
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