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HID or LED headlamps?

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Which is better and why? Is it worth swapping out? Is there anything needed to do so other than a different bulb? (Still trying to figure out which I have!) TIA
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I don't understand how you are "Still trying to figure out which" you have...
Mine is a 2020 and I know it has LEDs, what do you have? Google make model year and read the specs.
Well the website isn't clear one way or the other for the canadian specs although it does show the LEDs as an option. But I've seen it included in an American pkg not offered here. The pkg here lists everything the same but that. Anyways I did find out that I have HID after all... with that said, is it worth while to get LEDs put in? And what would that entail if it's more than just a bulb swap?
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