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Hi all, 2019 kinetic blue

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Hi folks,

Checking in here. A bit tardy with my 2019 blue RS FWD. Loving this car so far--gives me some of the vibe from my departed 6th gen Camaro v6 (manual...sniff) while doing a fine job with family toting duties.


My activities thus far:
  • replaced air filter with Wix WA10718, as the indicator showed 80% remaining life upon delivery with only 55 miles on odo
  • installed factory splash guards front and rear
  • changed oil plug with femco compact m12x1.75-sb-t9 easy-drain style plug
  • changed oil and replaced filter with upf63r
  • installed some make-shift diy cargo net hoops (prefer the net to the divider)
  • attempted to replace front signal bulbs with LED but couldn't find suitable replacements (closest one illuminated but didn't fit securely and hyper flashed)
The picture was fresh after installing Suntek CXP tint

Looking forward to learning more about the car and seeing what creative things you all do.

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Welcome. Sharp ride. I did the same as you, traded 14 ss( LS3, NPP, CAI, RS) for 20 rs red line... these blazers sure are fun.

What other mods are you looking at? LFX is such a solid drive line. I'm doing some custom vinyl work tomorrow, can't wait.


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Thank you, and likewise. Congrats on landing a red line--I have yet to see one in person. The black looks sinister, looking forward to seeing the vinyl. That LS3 with NPP must have been sweet as heck too.

I am considering an exhaust as a remote possibility, but it has to be on the mellow, refined side with no drone in normal driving. I've noticed this transmission seems to putter around darn near idle speed. Unfortunately, it seems Corsa and Borla have no plans for this car and I'm not yet sold on the Magnaflow.

Makes me wonder if I should look into maybe flowmaster 50s if that could be worked out, but with all the plumbing involved to replace the big suitcase and squaring the tips from an angle to the bumper cut outs, it feels like a long gamble.
Congrats, beautiful car! I have to say - those rims look insanely good!
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