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Heated seats , Heated steering wheel , park assist

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Just curious if anyone can tell me exactly what the 2022 / 2023 Blazers are missing based on the options described above ?
Do the vehicles actually come with everything needed to function these option except for one missing component ? (example heated seats) Do they have the heated cushion and backrest pads? wire harness? connections? Just missing the ECU which would encompass the resistors / diodes /microprocessor. "Semiconductors ".
Has anyone been able to retrofit these non operational features with donor vehicle components ?

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My understanding is that everything is there except for the chips. I am waiting on my chips for my 2022 that I got back in April.[/QUOTE]
On mine from what I understand the seats are only missing the chips for heated and ventilated. I have all the buttons where I’ve heard some are missing those.

Mine is missing the heated steering wheel as well and does not have the activation button so not sure on the retrofit for that part. Newer ones are coming with the heated steering wheel not needing retrofit.
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