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Has anyone installed a JBL BassHub

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I am gathering parts to build a modest system in my 2023 2LT non-Bose Blazer. I want to have a subwoofer, but really don't want to loose any usable space for a box. The best option I have found is the JBL BassHub. I am specially looking at the Stadium/passive model. My main concern is that I don't know if the BassHub will actually fit in the spare tire. The measurements listed are almost exactly the same height as our spare tires, but I am not sure if the hump in the middle of the wheel is going to raise the sub up. It looks like the floor of the cargo area lays all the way down on top of the spare tire, so if anything hangs out above the top of the tire that panel isn't going to lay flat.

The only way I would know for sure that it works is to try it or get an answer directly from someone else who has tried it.

I really do not want to loose my spare tire. I know there have been people who have removed their spare to build a system and while that turns out great, I prefer to have the piece of mind in case I ever unfortunately need it. Another option is an under seat subwoofer, but the Blazer barely has any room under the seats, so I doubt anything would even fit and if it did it would likely be very underpowered.
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Jl used to make slim systems to fit suvs or trucks that would look almost stock in your trunk. I'm not sure if they still do.
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