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Hello All!
I'm still in the shopping phase of ownership. I used to own a Ford Escape (Yes, I said that word) but I got weary of the premium fuel and lousy mpg. I mean seriously, if I gotta live with 20mpg I should at least get the power benefit, right?
I traded the Escape for my current daily driver, a 2018 Impala Premier. Going back to a car from a SUV was a bit of a switch but my wife has a ute so we can use hers if need be. I've been extremely happy with the Impala but the times that cargo space would come in handy was more than I counted on.
About a month ago I looked at couple of Traverse models, which were nice but its almost kind of a bus. I seldom if ever have the need for more that four seats so it felt like overkill.
I honestly hadn't paid much attention to the Blazer because of all the hype saying it was just a Camaro SUV, but once I looked at one, the game was on! Yes, it does have some Camaro cues but on its own, its one powerful, nice crossover.
I feel confident in saying I'll have to bag a RS trim and the 3.6 AWD is a must.
We're planning a road trip to the Utah Mighty 5 Nat Parks next year and I think this would be an awesome choice for the highway cruising and a bit of the gravel/dirt back roads (No trail bashing, thanks)
Does anyone get better than 25mpg hiway in 2WD? My Impala will hit the 30 mark on cruise @70mph. I wouldn't think the Blazer would be far off that figure?
Thanks in advance guys!
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