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GM Just Trademarked "Trailblazer Activ"

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The addition of "Activ" means we'll get an off-road focused Trailblazer trim, read on

If you’re looking for a Trailblazer with a little more personality, you might in luck. General Motors has applied for a trademark to register “Chevrolet Trailblazer Activ” with the United States Patent Office.

The application, first written about by GM Authority, is for automobiles and “motor land vehicles.”

There are a few things to unpack with this name and the simplest part is probably the “Activ” part. The name is added to a number of GM vehicles that have plastic body cladding added and are designed to look a little more off-roady in general.

The Trailblazer part is a little harder to unpack. Chevrolet does currently make a Trailblazer, although it’s only sold in Southeast Asia, India, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and Australia (albeit as a Holden).

Another unrelated TrailBlazer (above) was launched in Shanghai earlier this year. Near in size to the Trax, which it’s set to replace, the Chinese TrailBlazer shares styling cues in common with the Blazer.

Although a trademark application is far from confirmation, a smaller Blazer lookalike for the US market would make sense for Chevrolet. The compact crossover segment is just one of the many SUV segments that’s growing like gangbusters these days and it would slot easily into the lineup.
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