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Hi Blazerina, love that name! I will get You the definite tire size maybe tomorrow. I did double check to see again that they were 22s, because, they do not rub. I do have mud flaps on the Car. No rubbing. The wheels have some scuff marks from the previous owner, but, I actually had an oops of my own going through Dairy Queen! I just touched it up with a small dab of black paint on my finger. I didn’t get caliper covers, no need with black wheels, and with all that red, didn’t need more red lol! So, I just painted them with black to fade out into the background of the black wheels. I didn’t do the backs, no need really. I’m actually missing my Camaro. So, with that being said, I’m a widow and My kids don’t have time for me, guess I will be taking the Blazer out tomorrow on Thanksgiving to get acquainted. I’m not going to sell it, but, I’m not used to it yet. It seems so BIG! Compared to the Camaro I had. I hope You find the wheels and tires you want! Keep in touch.
She’s a beauty definitely keep her . But the Camaro is nice as well . Yeah she feels bigger though . I thought Blazerina was small till I got next to a camaro and I’ll be damn she’s a good size . Only wish she came with a v8 though lol . But a good exhaust and tune shocks make her go fast . Thank you let me know on the wheels . I want to get a custom made set for mine . But I was thinking I have a Porsche Cayenne (ghost pepper ) thinking off getting the custom wheels for her though . And get some nice niche wheels . She’s my daily . I would be mad if I scratched my custom made ones .
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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