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I am one of the millions of Americans that has a work phone separate from my personal phone. That means I carry two cell phones at all times which is a pain. But the biggest pain is deciding which one to pair when I get in my car or which one to connect to Apple CarPlay. Many Bluetooth headsets now can connect two Bluetooth devices simultaneously, but I don’t know of any infotainment system in a car that can do this.

However, my prayers have been answered with the blazer. While you can’t pair two phones via Bluetooth or two phones via CarPlay simultaneously, at least I don’t think so, you can have one paired to Bluetooth and one paired to Apple CarPlay simultaneously. Meaning you can take phone calls on either phone based on which dialer you use, the native one or the one in CarPlay. This is huge for me and many others and amazing. It seamlessly lets you toggle back-and-forth as well. Meaning if I am in Apple CarPlay and get a call on the phone that is paired via Bluetooth it will still pop up on my session of CarPlay, and vice versa, so you don’t miss any calls. This is been a game changer for me in the few days that I’ve had it. I never want to go back to another infotainment system. And this one overall seems light years ahead from the previous Chevy and Honda systems that I have primarily used in the last five years.
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