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Factory Wireless CarPlay for 2020 Model

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Has anyone tried out the radio module upgrade that enables HD radio and factory wireless carplay for the 2020 model?

Blazer Wireless Car Play / Android Auto, Navigation and HD Radio Upgrade - White Automotive & Media Services

Doesn't look like it’s available for the 2019 yet, but they may be working in.

Tempted to get it but not sure what it will do to the factory warranty.
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I have a 2019 RS and I bought a CPLAY2AIR adapter a few months ago on a black Friday special for $100 and it works very good.

I plug it into the USB port in my center console storage and my iPhone connects wirelessly with CarPlay.

It took a firmware update to work with the Blazer initially and ever once in a while I had to unplug the adapter and plug it back in to get it to work. I just updated the firmware again recently and the connection from starting the car seems to be better and faster now too.
Yeah I didn’t like the delay with c2p adapters, and it was super buggy when I tried it. Never stayed connected, even after firmware updates.

That’s why I’m asking about anyone trying this stock option.

supposedly instantly connects wirelessly with no delay when talking on the phone.
Interesting. I use mine every day and aside from the occasional delay to make the initial connection to the head unit I have not experienced any other issues. I don't take many phone calls while driving but I stream music and use the GPS all the time going back and forth to work and other destinations. $700 is just a little steep for me to save plugging the phone into a cable but for the $100 I spent on the adapter it has been worth it.

If you take the plunge in getting this I would be interested to see if it works out.
I watched a tutorial on youtube before to install it. Shouldn’t have… you just open the box, plug the USB in your car, wait 20 sec, follow the easy two steps on screen and that’s done! Every time you enter your car, phone in your bag, CarPlay automatically appears on your car screen. Seriously, it’s magic! (U2W Plus) Carlinkit 3.0 Wireless Apple CarPlay Adapter Dongle for Wired CarPlay
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