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External Transmission Filter

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Hi, I own a 2023 Blazer Premier V6. Not happy with the fact that the automatic transmission filter is non-serviceable without removing trans. Obviously planned obsolescence. On several of my vehicles in the past I have installed an external filter which uses a standard Fram PH8A screw on filter. Even if the vehicle allows you to remove the fluid pan and replace the OEM filter an external auxiliary filter makes a world of difference. My 2nd Gen Dodge Ram with almost 200Km on the clock tranny is still perfect. Has anyone installed an external transmission filter? Pictures?
My Blazer only has 2,000 miles and I am hesitant to install prior to the factory warranty period expires but would like to start a discussion on the the topic.
Thank you all, Sal
PS: I have used a Hayden 2106 filter kit in the past and had custom high pressure hoses fabricated
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