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DIY cargo net hoops

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Hi all,

The cargo divider that came with my RS doesn't really work for most of what I carry in the trunk, so I decided to take a page from VW/Audi and put in some hoops for a flat cargo net. I found I only needed to install hooks along the bumper edge, as I just hooked the net to the front corners of the cargo floor and it hangs in there fine.

I used a left over net from an old VW that I had. The net is nice and stretchy and is able to stabilize anything between a small CVS bag to 2 propane tanks. I keep the factory divider under the cargo floor.

Here's how it looks:


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Solid Install - Looks very clean and professional.
Also ... a great idea! I used my cargo net this past weekend and thought it was a 5 out of 10 in usefulness.
Well done!
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