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I've owned my Grand Cherokee WK2 5.7 since 2013. It has 80k miles. I planned on running it until it rusted apart. I loved it, but it's been nothing but issues. After broken manifold bolts at 30-35k miles, water pump failure at 40k miles, struts at 60ish (not awful, but not great), and now I've had it to 3 mechanics in the last 2 weeks for a knocking engine noise which has been diagnosed as a valve train issues. My mechanic that opened up the top of the engine suggested a new engine rather than fixing the internal engine issues. I'm throwing in the towel and getting a Blazer. I have done all routine maintenance and taken immaculate care of the Jeep. Shit happens, but the issues have completely soured me on anything Chrysler related.

I looked at blazer last night and loved it (except the color - it was a god awful tan/brown color). Thursday I'm looking at a few locally and probably pulling the trigger soon. I will likely get the 3lt AWD V6 version as I can't justify the additional $$ for the RS version.
Did you consider any other vehicles or were you only focused on the Blazer?
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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