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I took advantage of the KungFlu on 03/25 and traded in my 2018 Jeep renegade for a base model 2019 Blazer. The Renegade was a base model too but it had a lot of features like remote start, 4 wheel drive and a great infotainment system. The downside is that the space was limited. There was little luggage room and two people up front had to fight over the armrest. I lost the remote start and 4 wheel drive but gained auto headlights, needed space, luggage capacity, tinted rear windows, bigger tires, engine with more torque and HP, smoother transmission and MOST of all I got cup holders that are easy to get to. Also, the Renegade is the one Jeep model that is 100% made in Italy. I was becoming a bit alarmed that an Italian Chrysler was going to be out of warranty in 16 months. It was a solid deal and I regret nothing.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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