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I have a 2020 2LT with the 3.6L with around 11,000 miles on it and had been smelling the maple syrup(antifreeze) smell coming from the drivers side grill.I’t wasn’t a strong smell but I could smell it none the less and I knew that it was antifreeze.I’ve looked all over the radiator,coolant hoses,etc.for any leaks and couldn’t find anything but the smell persisted.Finally last month I saw wetness on the bottom drivers side of the radiator where the composite plastic and the metal core are mated together.I had my local Chevy dealer replace under warranty and now all is good.This may not be a Blazer only problem seeing how these modern plastic radiators are made but you Blazer owners might take a sniff around the front of your grill once in a while.Other then that I love my Red Hot Blazer.
I have a 2020 Blazer. I also get the faint smell of coolant when I pull in the garage. Now at 27,000 miles the tires are almost shot and it hesitates sometimes in the first shift at low speed. I used to love it. But can’t wait to get rid of it in a couple months.
1 - 1 of 30 Posts