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Sooooo, this last weekend I tried to build my own cold air intake and it was... interesting.

I have a Cold Air Inductions intake on my 2010 Camaro but since it is off the road for winter (Canada eh) and I had an older 2016 Sierra intake laying around I chose to mess around in the garage a bit.

GM uses the same MAF mount and intake tube for both the Camaro and Sierra (and many other GM vehicles) so I just cut the Sierra intake tube flush before the stock box, slapped on the 5 inch cone and slid it into the Blazer intake tube.

Bingo bango boom she worked no prob. legit right? fired her up and went for a burn. I wasn't expecting any performance increase although my butt dyno did notice a bit more low end and intake nose was considerably louder, which is what I really wanted!

2 min in... check engine light. F*&K, had a feeling this would happen so pulled out the code reader as I suspected MAF code. sure enough, P0101 - sensor has a Range/Performance problem. Slapped back on the stock intake, cycled the ignition, code gone.

I have a bit of technical know how with GM and LS engines so my guess is that the MAF was too close to the cone filter and wasn't getting constant air flow. the code appeared after warm up which makes sense since it was running in closed loop during warm up (ECM pulls from air fuel table instead of MAF for "warm up") without fully doing a data log and unlocking the ECM and using HP tuners i wouldnt be able to confirm.

anyways, long story short, I will just have to wait for an official intake to be made or if I get bored again I might try adding some tubing in between the filter and the MAF and test again.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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