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Please do a search on the site for this topic. I personally have posted information, along with others, about this. I apologize if I come across as short, but I just don't want to repost the information again. You'll find what you're looking for here, though.

The short version is, you will get a letter from GM once your group has come up for detail. Call the Dealer you purchased from, or another GM Dealer, and tell them you have the letter and you are ready. They will order the module(s) the chips reside in and then schedule an appt. with you once the mod(s) come in. The letter from GM will be your trigger to get the ball rolling.

I have posted a redacted letter that I recently received from GM about my chips. This is what you, too, will receive in the mail... eventually. I purchased my Blazer back in January this year and just got my letter a week, or so, ago. I've contacted my purchasing Dealer and they have ordered the mod. I will go in next week sometime and have them install said mod. I just needed the chip for heated and ventilated front and rear seats. I would call the Customer Service 800 number at the bottom of my letter and see if you can get an ETA on your situation. The Dealer will know nothing and isn't notified by GM about your chips. You will be notified first by GM, and then you notify the Dealer you have this letter.

Have you received the letter yet?

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Got my letter this month. Will be scheduling an appointment very soon!
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