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Just a follow-up on the chips for my front and rear seats. They came in yesterday. I purchased my Blazer in January 2022. So, it took around a year for mine to come in.

On another note... for those who are having issues with the driver's side mirror not auto-dimming at night, like me, there is now an official recall on that. I'm reading it's most likely a wiring harness that wasn't installed at the manufacturer.

* I am EdH above. I created a second account and accidentally logged in under the one above. So, I'm reposting this as my active account, Tip Of The Spear.
Glad you finally got yours. It took me about 10 months to get my chips for seats. Still waiting on heated steering wheel.

My dealership found the wire issue on my auto dimming mirror couple weeks after I purchased it in January 2022. The original wire harness is missing a connector for the dimming mirror. They ordered replacement ones with the same issue. Took a few weeks to get the correct harness back then and were dealing with GM on it. I was not surprised it became a recall.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts