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Chevy Blazer spied on the road

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We're finally getting a look at the new Blazer in natural light, and in a couple different colors. It's hard to tell what trim levels these different vehicles could be, as I don't really see any indicative badges. There's more plastic cladding than I was hoping to see.
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Nice to finally see it in another color. Also looks like the plastic cladding will vary depending on the trim level. Never noticed that huge sloping bulge that goes from the hatch to the rear door handle.
Any ideas as to what that sticker above the fuel door might be? I think I remember reading that the new Blazer is coming with a capless system.
Its probably just a simple reminder sticker of the fuel type/grade to use. I'm also curious if the different trim levels will come with changes to the exhaust/suspension set up.
I really like how premium it look in white, which could very well make the case for a Buick version that rides on the same platform with similar characteristics.
anyone that know's Buick knows they need anything they can get right now.
It does look considerably better with body matched trimming. Wonder if there is any way to change the silver in the middle of the front and rear bumpers.
It does look considerably better with body matched trimming. Wonder if there is any way to change the silver in the middle of the front and rear bumpers.
Yeah, too bad that's not entirely practical. As these become rentals and join car sharing services and even Uber/Lyft fleets, the black plastics will be a life saver. Too many nuances to paint that can result in higher insurance rates and its just a headache.
That two tone color scheme doesn't look to be present on the RS trim, so it must be reserved to the lower end variants. The front bumper does look like one solid piece, which means Chevy will have had to go through the effort of painting that portion a separate color.
If I end up getting an RS then removing the side molding will be a must. Don't like how it looks in that first picture.
It does look like each of the trim levels will be receiving unique cladding and coloring. I do hope you can opt to have that lower part of the front bumper in a body match finish.
A possible route for anyone with a wider budget can be the new Terrain which has been a big step up from the last generation. Finally we get a Terrain worthy of the GMC badge.

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whoever is interested in the new Terrain should give the new Regal Tourx a look, not often we get a wagon from GM, and rarely as attractive as the Tourx is.
pricing is similar as well, both are right around the $25-30k price range and equally as nice.
Imo even an average wagon is better than another crossover, but there have been mixed reviews of the new Tourx. There are obvious signs of cost cutting in the cabin and apparently the transmission could use some refinement.
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