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People saying the Blazer is overpriced must be coming from a limited car buying experience. With the incentives I was able to price a Blazer at sub-$50k

Similar to this person:

Sales should pick up as the vehicle is more available at dealers. Even though I was hit by initial sticker shock being as how the Blazer could cost up to $50k, I have to say when I did my own comparisons and built a Blazer I wanted it didnt go over $45k.

We the buying public and especially fans of GM are being done a disservice by the so called auto journalists who have gone out of their way to blare the mantra of how the Blazer is expensive like a public service announcement.

You can get a 308HP V6 Blazer without destroying your budget! Who’s gonna pay $50k for a Blazer anyway? Come on people, get off these nonsensical auto journalists jock and do your own research.
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