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Chevy Blazer Engine Oil

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To help other owner with a vital part of maintenance, I outlined whats required come time to change our Chevy Blazer's engine oil. It covers viscosity grades (for 2.5L and 3.6L engines), oil type (ex. ACDelco & Mobil1), oil filter part numbers, how often to check the oil level, oil change intervals, how to reset the oil light and a maintenance schedule. A lot of it comes from the owners manual. I'm hoping we can build some good dialogue from it.

Viscosity Grade
  • Blazer w/2.5L L4 engine: SAE 0W-20
  • Blazer w/3.6L V6 engine: SAE 5W-30
  • Cold Temperature Operation −29 °C/−20 °F: SAE 0W-30 (for easier cold starting)

Engine Oil Type & Brands:
Full synthetic engine oil meeting the dexos1 specification of the proper SAE viscosity grade. ACDelco dexos1 full synthetic is recommended (look for dexos1 approved logo).

Option #1: ACDelco dexos1TM Full Synthetic Oil
  • High resistance to oxidation, which helps keep the oil from breaking down
  • Excellent low-temperature flow and pumpability during cold start-ups
  • Excellent protection to help prevent formation of sludge and other harmful deposits

Option #2: Mobil 1 Full Synthetic Oil
  • Advanced anti-wear technology for outstanding protection of critical engine parts
  • Exceptional high-temperature stability helps resist oxidative thickening
  • Proven to provide outstanding cold starting, lubrication and protection from wear at low temperatures

Engine Oil Filter Type:
2.5L L4 Engine
  • GM Part Number: 12640445
  • ACDelco Part Number: PF64

3.6L V6 Engine
  • GM Part Number: 19330000
  • ACDelco Part Number: PF63E

When To Check Oil Level
Every 400 miles (650 km)

When To Change Engine Oil
Within 600 miles of the computer system indicates you should ("CHANGE ENGINE OIL SOON" message appears). Or see maintenance schedule below.

Resetting the Oil Life System
Reset the system whenever the engine oil is changed so that the system can calculate the next engine oil change. To reset the system:
  1. Display the REMAINING OIL LIFE on the DIC.
  2. Press and hold the thumbwheel on the DIC while the Oil Life display is active.
  3. Confirm yes, and the oil life will change to 100%

The oil life system can also be reset as follows:

  1. Place the ignition in Service Mode
  2. Display REMAINING OIL LIFE on the DIC menu.
  3. Fully press and release the accelerator pedal three times within five seconds.
  4. If the display changes to 100%, the system is reset.

If the CHANGE ENGINE OIL SOON message comes back on when the vehicle is started, the engine oil life system has not been reset. Repeat the procedure.

2019+ Chevrolet Blazer Maintenance Schedule
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Some guys I know swear by Mobil. I don't know if it makes a real difference or its just their belief cause they paid more and its supposed to be better.

ACDelco for me.
My owners manual says to use UPF63R gm part number 12693541 for oil filter for the 2020 3.6 v6.
nothing wrong with mobil 1. been using it for years. if I am doing the oil change, either mobil 1 or syntec. whichever of the two is on sale. oil filters, I buy WIX all the way. great filter, as good as OEM.

I just had my oil change done by dealer, I get 10 free oil changes as part of the deal when I bought the blazer in November. I didn't wait until the oil light/message came in. oil life was at 8% (no message appeared). Normally, I do it myself at 15%.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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