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Dears, Hi everyone,im new using this forums and I believe this will help me more to get a good idea about chevy before buy one , I have 3 questions hopefully help me to get answers asap as im planning to get chevy blazer2022 rs edition : Q1 / will carplay worked wireless with 22? Yes it will Q2/can we used hotspot with sim card as I see my country don’t support internet service across middle east . Not sure I understand this one. Q3/ is all rs models come with illuminated logo ? The illuminated logo is an option but not standard. Q4/I saw 2023 chevy blazer come with 10.2 inch while 22 come 8 can I purchase 23 screen? Thank you guys in advance. I own a 22 and a 23. The larger screen only comes with the 23’s. It’s a new stereo for the 23’s. Same operating system. Much larger and cleaner and clearer screen.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts