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I stumbled across this review of the new Blazer and the reviewer made some interesting comparisons between it and the Honda Passport - https://mont.thesentinel.com/2019/06/20/chevrolets-blazer-returns/

In terms styling the Blazer is strides ahead of the Passport:
Unlike the new Passport, the Blazer is an instant head-turner, at least if you see it from the front end. Its tiny headlights and big grille are designed to evoke the Chevrolet Camaro sports coupe, and its hunkered-down stance with small windows continues the sporty vibe. In contrast, the Passport is basically a big box with rounded-off edges.
The Blazer doesn't have as much space as the Passport:
For better or for worse, the Blazer’s passenger compartment feels cozy compared to the extra-airy Passport. Yet it’s still perfectly comfortable for four adults, and a fifth will fit fine (even if they’d be happier in the center-rear position in the Passport). Unlike its cargo space, the Blazer’s passenger space is class-competitive in the midsize- crossover segment.
I'm sure the Passport is a fine SUV but it's way to bland compared to the Blazer. The space difference would have to be significant for me to consider it over the Chevy.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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