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According to Muscle Cars and Trucks, Lingenfelter is going to offer a supercharger for the Blazer's 3.6L V6.

The kit will cost $6,995 and will use a Edelbrock TVS1740 Supercharger, that sends 450 horsepower to the crank.

Here's their full article:

Lingenfelter Performance Engineering has finished development of its supercharger upgrade for the General Motors 3.6L V6 engine, and will install the kit for $6,995. The kit utilizes a Edelbrock TVS1740 Supercharger, and sends 450 horsepower to the crank. In short, it provides the desired power of a V8, without the added cost and complexities of performing an outright engine swap. For the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon pickup trucks, there is expected to be high demand, as GM hasn’t offered any high output performance solutions from the factory. Additionally, we’re told that the tuning company has received unexpected demand for supercharging an unexpected vehicle: The current Chevrolet Blazer, as we have exclusively learned.

If we’re all being honest with each other, the C1-platform Chevrolet Blazer is just another crossover SUV that comes with mildly attractive sheet metal which could also be mistaken for what’s coming out of Japan and Korea these days. It’s definitely not the rugged Ford Bronco rival it once was, nor is it all that sporty compared to something more dedicated like the Dodge Durango.

“It might be something different and cool – we’re gonna try one,” said Lingenfelter Performance Engineering Vice President Mark Rapson to MC&T.

Supercharging the midsize crossover might be the closest thing that we’ll get to a Chevrolet Blazer SS, or any kind of high-performance model, as we won’t be getting one from the factory. Giving it 450 horsepower with a supercharger upgrade would put the Blazer in striking distance of the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT, which has a 6.4L Hemi V8 engine that’s good for 475 horsepower. It would otherwise sucker punch its closest rival on paper, the 335 hp Ford Edge ST.

“Blazer was not on our radar initially, but we knew it was the same motor (as the Colorado and Canyon) and the supercharger will fit (even though it’s transverse)… I can’t tell you how many people came up and said ‘can I get this installed on a Blazer?’ We might go down that path. But they have to be all-wheel-drive, not two-wheel-drive.”

However they do it, putting down all of that extra power will definitely require an upgrade in suspension, tires and brakes, so we’d be willing to bet that LPE won’t limit its work to just what’s in the engine bay. Lingenfelter also plans on offering a pulley upgrade on top of the supercharged V6 package, which will bump the output to an awesome 500 horsepower to the crank. Pricing for this package is TBA.

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i Was at the Dream Cruise yesterday and while at the Lingenfelter display noticed a black RS way in the back...had the blower installed on it...according to the rep standing near it....will cost around $7500...your oem warranty will be voided...blower displacement is arount 1.7 litres and you will get around 420HP to the wheels...here are a couple pics....enjoy
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