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Chevrolet Blazer RS And Premier Seeing High Take Rate

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GM Authority recently spoke to Shad Balch of Chevrolet Communications regarding Blazer sales so far and according to him, customers are mostly focused on the RS and Premier trim levels.

"We know that from Blazer, the RS model has been very well received and the take rate is pretty high, and also the Premier as well, but the RS seems to be the one that is catching people's attention right now, which is why we’ve come out of the gate with Trailblazer with RS and a very similar Activ,” Balch said.

As we reported last month, Chevrolet Blazer sales totaled 20,312 units in the U.S. for Q3 of 2019, plus 1,150 units in Canada and 364 units in Mexico during the same time period. For the first nine months of 2019, Blazer sales totaled 35,017 units. The figures highlight Q3 of 2019 as the best-ever quarterly sales performance since the model’s launch earlier this year.

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MODELQ3 19 / Q3 18Q3 19Q3 18YTD 19 / YTD 18YTD 19YTD 18
CHEVROLET TRAVERSE+24.94%41,11632,908+6.07%113,491106,998
GMC ACADIA+50.82%20,33813,485+25.93%79,95863,493
CHEVROLET BLAZER*20,312**35,1070

It should come as no surprise that the Chevrolet Blazer RS and Premier have enjoyed a high take rate, especially the RS. Considering the new Blazer’s highly angular, Chevrolet Camaro-esque styling cues, the extra sporting flavor added by the RS trim level makes a lot of sense.
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I didn't even consider anything less than an RS model.
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thats definitely interesting considering the pricing which can be high. The sales person I dealt with suggested the high prices and lack of incentives (until recently) were keeping sales down.
Honestly I wouldn’t have bought anything but an RS
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