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I have been unable to find the dimensions of the cargo area between the wheels wells as well as the height. How wide is it at the hatch and how tall is it?
would like to know what I can fit in through the hatch such as plywood.
All the magazines say TBD

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I just took some measurements for you. This is what I got:
  • Between the wheel wells is approximately 3'-6 1/2" (42.5"). Above the wheel well is wider but you'd be limited by the hatch width.
  • The depth of the cargo area at the floor is approximately 5'-10" (70") with the hatch closed and the rear seats folded down. At the top it's much less. Approximately 4'-5" (53"). These measurements are taken with the seat at my seating position. You could gain a few inches if you are able to pull the seat up.
  • The height of the opening is approximately 2'-4 1/2" (28.5") just off center
  • Width at the hatch is about 3'-9 1/4" (45.25") max. near the bottom. It gets narrower as you go up.
So you won't be able to get 4' wide lumber in there.

I haven't carried any lumber but I put a 46" Husky workbench in there. The box dimensions were 49.8" W x 28.34" D x 33.19" H (taken from Home Depot's website). With all the curves around the hatch area, it literally just fit with us sliding it in on its side. If it was 1/4" taller it wouldn't have fit. Here are some photos:


This is the workbench in the box:


Hope this helps...
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